Jan 11, 2012

Science is So Sexy ~ Guest Post

Susan (Loves 2 Read) ~ I want to welcome my new blogger friend Esmeralda Vermeulen to my blog today!  I found her blog: Science is So Sexy a few weeks ago, and let me say I was very impressed!  I love the knowledge and fun that I found while peeking through her posts!  So glad to have you visit today!

Why don't you tell my readers and friends a little about yourself and your blog: Science is So Sexy.

Esmerelda (SISS) ~ What? Is usually the first response when I tell my friends about my blog.

Why and How are probably the next ones! I say Why not? Did you know that Science means Knowledge?
Isn't it kind of cool to know stuff your (male) friends don't? I think it's dead sexy for a girl :) And I'm not saying this because I am a scientist... ;)

I started Science So Sexy because I wanted to show this to people, share all sorts of information, create a place where they could come, ask their questions and leave with more knowledge and therefore be sexier...
I love reading, I love science, I am a researcher and I love explaining stuff to non scientists, so it seemed a natural step to write a blog.

I am not pretending to know everything (far far far from it) but I am suggesting to look into whatever subject you want me to by researching and then write an easily understandable concise post.
For this, I don't have any special writing skills, English is no even my first language, I am only driven by the will to make you read my posts and go "Woah I never knew this!!!" or "Brilliant, I have to tell that to my friends".

Maybe I've already written posts that might trigger this effect in you, such as Why do we cry when we chop onions? or What it means to be a Blood Secretor?. Or you might be interested in reading more seasonal posts like Vitamin D and the Winter Blues or after lots of baking and cooking over the Xmas period What is the difference between Yeast and Baking powder?

Or maybe I haven't already posted what you are interested in, in which case I am warmly inviting you to come over and leave your requests either on my Facebook page or on the blog itself.

Last but not least I would like to thank a million times Susan from Loves 2 Read for giving me this opportunity of promotion on her blog!!! As a Blogger, what would we do without a solid blogger community??

See you very soon,

Susan (Loves 2 Read) ~  Thank you so much Esmerelda for sharing today!  I look forward to reading more about how fun science can be!


  1. Woah!!! Amazing! My first guest post!!! Thanks so much Susan x

  2. I love science and this blog sounds fascinating. I enjoyed the guest post so much. Thanks for sharing!



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