Feb 6, 2012

Review ~ Savor Sweets - candy made with natural ingredients

For your Reading Pleasure - I have a savory review today

About Savor Sweets:

Savor SweetsSavor Sweets is a little hard candy company in Spokane, Washington. Andrea Parrish-Geyer and Peter Geyer started the company in mid-2011 after making hundreds and hundreds of candies for friends and family.

We use natural ingredients and small batches to create suckers (lollipops, sticky-pop, lolly, stickpop, whatever you care to call them) in surprisingly tasty flavors. Most of our candies have just three main ingredients – organic evaporated cane juice, a little bit of lemon juice, and whole flavors like basil leaves, crushed peppercorns or locally-roasted coffee. No corn syrup, no artificial preservatives and no artificial flavorings are to be found anywhere near this candy. The packaging is comprised of recycled paper printed with soy ink, biocompostable cellophane bags and organic compostable ribbon made in the USA. When you’re done with your treat, you can throw everything into your compost pile or yard waste bin.

Savor Sweets is about surprising your sweet tooth, and enjoying candy like an adult again.

Savor Sweets Flavors:

Savor Sweets offers many unique flavors to tempt your inner child.  Some of their current flavors are:

  • Black Tea
  • Espresso (made with Roast House coffee)
  • Balsamic
  • Basil
  • Ginger
  • Chai Tea
  • Pink Peppercorn
  • Caramel with Sea Salt
  • Pomegranate and Lemon
  • Tiger’s Ear Vanilla Cinnamon
  • Fresh Mint
  • Spiced Honey Baklava
  • Spicy Habenero
All flavors are soy-free and gluten-free. All flavors except caramel and baklava are vegan. All flavors are made using whole ingredients, no flavor oils or artificial extracts.

Savor sweets has several new flavors in the test phase as well.  In addition to these wonderful choices, Savor Sweets offers Custom-Made Candy!  You can order Custom Flavors, Shapes, and even Custom Colors!  Great for parties, wedding favors, advertising handouts and more.  Make sure to check out Savor Sweets Website for all the information you need to order your In-Stock or Cutsom candy today!

My Review:
My children and I tried several of Savor Sweets' flavors for this review. Savor Sweets was kind enough to send me some free samples for us to try.  What I like most is knowing that these candies are made with natural ingredients and not full of artificial colors, flavors and other artificial ingredients.  A great treat for those who want a treat for themselves or their kids.  I can picture a woman at work who needs something to tide her over until lunch - she grabs an Expresso flavored sucker for a quick treat that tastes good and looks cute too.

These are the flavors we tried and our reactions:

* Baklava    ~   good flavor, taste sort of like a dark caramel, yummy, my favorite
* Fresh Basil    ~ smells like basil, mild taste, different but not bad (kids)
* Salted Caramel   ~  good, mild flavor, slightly sweet taste, kids' favorite, yummy
* Tiger's Ear vanilla cinnamon  ~ slightly sweet flavor, mild taste, nice (kids)
* Pomegranate Lemon    ~ ok (kids), sort of a molasses type taste (me), mild,
* Habanero   ~  (only my son was willing to try it), heat but no flavor - did not like this one

Thank you Savor Sweet for this tasty review!  Now for the fun part!  Starting on Feb 7th on this blog, I will be participating in a Follower Love giveaway Hop - Savor Sweets is providing a $33 Online Store Credit for 1 random winner!  So come back tomorrow and enter the giveaway for your chance to win some credit for their wonderful sweets!

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  1. I really like your review on savor sweets candy made with natural ingredients. I think that candies made from natural ingredients are truly delicious and nutritious. I know that everyone love this kind of candies.


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