Feb 19, 2012

WONDAWEDGE ~ For any Time, Any Place, Any Person!


WondaWedge is a wonderful new take-anywhere inflatable pillow that is great for any TIME, any PLACE and any PERSON to use!  This inflatable pillow has a permanently attached mat, and is great for use at the beach, on picnics, outdoor events, reading in bed, or for comfortable reclining.
WondaWedge is lightweight, great for travel and stores flat.  Easy to use and great for most any need.
My Review:
My children and I tried this wonderful pillow in a variety of different ways.  I used it for reading in bed - I love how comfortable it is and easy to conform to my body.  My kids enjoyed sitting on the floor watching TV using the WondaWedge as a backrest.  Since it is inflatable, it is easy to "set" the comfort level to each person by adding or letting out a bit of air.  Very simple to use, and doesn't take up storage space.  I can see this being something that individuals or families could keep in their vehicles for those sports games, outdoor concerts and camping trips.  Great for people with back or neck pain, and for those who need a little more support when sitting or reclining. 

Check out WondaWedge for yourself!

Visit WondaWedge ~ http://www.wondawedge.com/
and BookWedge (review coming soon) ~ www.bookwedge.net

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