May 16, 2012

Geopalz Pedometer - Giveaway ~ $25 value!

GEOPALZ - $25 Pedometer Giveaway

GeoPalz is the first fitness tracker that lets you “Walk to Win.” The more steps you take, the more pedpoints you get. Trade’em in for all types of prizes, from Frisbees and jump ropes to baseball bats and footballs, you can also save your points to win a Bike or skateboard.


Ever thought about how much nature your lifestyle requires? Now is as good a time as any to figure it out while walking to win a healthier you! Our new Version 2.0 accelerometer can be worn on the shoe or hip. It has 21 days of storage and is water resistant.

   From Cute Butterflies, Ladybugs, Flowers and Peace signs -  to silly smiley, outdoors, recycle, skateboard, sports, Skelanimals and more

There are 26 different styles for the "kid" in your life.

Let him or her choose, or pick one as a surprise gift for any event:  birthdays, sports events, or just for fun.

 What a fun and unique way to encourage your whole family to walk!  And, win prizes too!

Now for the FUN 
I have 1 adorable Geopalz Pedometer to Giveaway!
Enter the 1 mandatory (and simple) entry, then do as many optional entries as you'd like - 
Bonus!  IF you complete ALL entries! (including the daily ones at least 1 time) you get 10+ bonus entries!

*Prize provided by Geopalz.  Will be mailed by Susan @ Loves 2 Read.  Any questions should be sent to


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